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In the current educational offer at Sapienza University, there are four courses completely dedicated to digital design in the Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering. The first of these - Digital Electronics - is placed in the third year of the Italian Bachelor's Degree, and provides the conceptual bases on all aspects of digital electronics, schematically represented as circuit level, hardware architecture level, and hardware/software microprocessor system level. Each of these three aspects is singularly analyzed in the English Master's degree by the courses of Digital Integrated System Architectures, Embedded Systems and Digital System Programming. Complete the preparation of the FPGA exercise carried out during the digital part of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory.

The above is graphically represented by the diagram above, where vertically we have the level of design abstraction, while horizontally we have the level of detail. The area of the rectangles that represent the courses symbolically corresponds to the number of hours of each course, which is distributed horizontally to deepen a certain aspect, while during the Degree it is distributed vertically to cover as much as possible basic concepts of all aspects of the digital project. The educational apparatus described above places the educational offer of the Sapienza digital area at the top of the Italian university scenario.

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